Aquila Management Services

Aquila Management is providing IT services for international customers, we believe in the outstanding advantages of Nearshoring. As an independent integrator we have several Nearshore development partners with all their specific domains. Our Nearshore partners are renowned Nearshore centres with enough capacity to handle each request for outsourcing support, development, design and testing facilities. Elastic scalability of highly qualified people belongs to the core of the business.
Confidentiality is our base, non-disclosure agreements, and complete protection of a client intellectual property rights. Transparent and proactive approach to projects execution (technology expertise, communication, reporting).
Other attractive conditions for our services are; Free project quotes, 90 days cost-free bug fixing, cost-free follow-up consultations and last but not least discounts for SMB’s and long-term relation clients.

Software Development

Nearshoring, result driven, quality delivered!

Aquila's Software Development propositions

Software development for an attractive price empowering your business innovation.


Application support

Overall IT Management outsourcing

Aquila’s Outsourcing approach: “capacity on demand”

Outsourcing system support

System support

System and server support

Server support, Database support.

Software QA Testing

Manual and Automated testing.

Aquila's quality-testing services

Providing you high quality software meeting functional and non functional requirements!

Aquila’s Other IT Services

At Aquila we are offering you a myriad of IT services, all you can think off we can offer you. We have developers in all IT domains at your disposal and we can scale up in very fast pace which is unique in the market. Aquila offers this via its nearshore partners, where a few have a multinational size with thousands of IT specialists operational. We also provide music for the Gaming industry as well as Video course creations.

Why Choose Aquila Management

      • Aquila Management has extensive experience in software development, customisation and integration projects
      • We chose for Nearshoring only because of quality, responsibility and same level of communication
      • We have the strongest Nearshoring partners in the market providing all IT services and much more
      • We offer you the highest client dedication unmatched by large IT vendors