Aquila Management Software Solutions

Our solution portfolio offers SMB’s and large Enterprises a complete range of innovative business process supporting applications. Today’s business processes are ever changing, process supporting IT solutions should be agile, fast responding to the changing market demands. To assure our business processes supporting applications keep pace, Aquila Management only works with highly flexible and easily adaptive software to offer your business the innovation which will for you become the key differentiation from the competition. The ERP and BI solutions are suitable for large multinationals and the full featured Enterprise Social Network platform which can be offered via SaaS (Cloud) or on premise is a solution that has been implemented in large Governmental organisations. Important is that we can support your business processes with bespoke solutions when needed to offer a full coverage of your requirements, on the other hand our software solutions are very flexible and mostly functional customisations are enough to cover most business needs.


Aquila's ERP solutions are based on renowned applications used by large multinational enterprises. Aquila's differentiating offer is by providing ERP in the cloud, making on premise optional.

Aquila Management ERP applications

Unit4Agresso ERP
Exact Globe

Complete BI

Agile business reporting and analytics with a human touch. Offered as Cloud or on premise solution

Business Intelligence

Agile data analytics purely web-based and on remote available via iOS or Android.
Powered by BellaDati.

Enterprise Social Network

Aquila has a full featured internal social network platform for Enterprises which can be offered in the cloud or on premise.

Powered by OpenSolutions

The social intranet platform is very suitable for Government and other organisations with high security standards and at the same time the need for a full featured social networking to share knowledge and updates.


Aquila offers SugarCRM with for your business processes customised workflows.

SugarCRM by Opensolutions

Aquila offers SugarCRM via Cloud or on premise.
For law firms we have a customised solution based on SugarCRM but tailored to law firm industry standards.

Aquila’s other business Solutions

Aquila has many business solutions which can be easily integrated with your current applications, here you can find some of our other business solutions at a glance.

Why to Choose for Aquila Management

      • Many years of IT experience throughout all of the offered solutions and its premium partners network
      • Independent solution provider, you can choose the best suited innovative solution independent of the supplier behind the concept
      • One stop shopping, we have solutions to cover all your company’s business processes
      • System integration and implementation of the solutions can be fully trusted to our highly experienced teams
      • We offer you full support on all of our solutions or outsourcing services