ubermetrics cutting-edge Social Monitoring

ubermetrics Social Monitoring SaaS solution enables businesses to automatically monitor media on all channels – online as well as offline. This is at long distance the most advanced social monitoring tool on the market having its roots at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Conversations about products, brands and topics from Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, TV channels, radio stations and print formats are presented in a daily press review, which creates a more efficient PR workflow in businesses.

ubermetrics AI driven Social Monitoring is also applicable in many other divisions such as marketing, customer service and for market researches. The technology itself is completely developed inhouse and uses cutting-edge technologies from computer linguistics to analyze communications from around 460 million online sources, over 1,080 print formats and 100 TV channels and radio stations.

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The dashboard visualizes data, that matters in a compact and eye-catching way. Also serves as a navigation interface.


Our easy to use “Drag & Drop Reporting Designer“ helps you to gather the relevant communication-bits and combines them in beautiful pdf reports.

Powerful Virality

Measure how specific articles spread through different media channels and identify those with highest impact.

Communication Benchmarking

Easily compare communication volume and insights of specific products, topics or even your competition.

Clipping list

Identify, manage and review all communication pieces in a nicely organized list-view.

360° Monitoring

Get an overview, on which channels your topics get the most attention and measure how the volume develops.
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