Aquila’s Software Development: What counts is your innovation and success!

We have the widest range of experienced Mobile APP developers around.

Aquila can provide you with experienced Mobile APP developers for every mobile platform and for every solution.
  • iOS / Android / Windows mobile 7 & 8 / Blackberry
  • Websites adaptation for mobile devices / Mobile payment services
  • Banking and financial mobile application development
  • Porting applications across various mobile platforms
  • Games for mobile devices
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AQUILA MANAGEMENT Software Development!

Aquila Management has the strongest Nearshoring partners to offer you a myriad of possibilities!

Full range of software development

  • Application development, customisations, desktop application development
  • Web development, Corporate website development
  • Mobile app development for all platforms and complex solutions
  • Business Intelligence development add-ons and interfacing
  • Design, graphical, UX/UI, 3D modeling
  • Game development and music production for games.

We offer the full range in software development!

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Why Aquila Management?

  • Aquila Management has extensive experience in software development, customisation and integration projects
  • We chose for Nearshoring only because of quality, responsibility and same level of communication
  • We have the strongest Nearshoring partners in the market providing all IT services and much more
  • We offer you the highest client dedication unmatched by large IT vendors
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