Aquila Management Holding B.V. is a Dutch established holding company. Aquila Management Holding B.V. has an international operating Aquila Management subsidiary underneath which was founded in 2011.
Aquila Management has been internationally focussed from the first day, we believe that we only can offer the best business beneficial solutions if we operate internationally.

The mission of Aquila Management B.V. is to bring innovative and above all affordable solutions to the world of business to give every business the possibility to take advantage of modern solutions, this we achieve by partnering with innovative IT companies and start-ups.
We serve SMB’s and for some products or services we also serve large enterprises. Our goal is to provide our clients the possibilities to take the advantage in their areas by having the best business benefits trough our innovative IT solutions and services.
Aquila Management has founded Aquila Management Consulting providing the consultancy services to large companies.

At the same time Aquila Management’s ambition is to change the world of doing business. Giving every company small or big the same possibilities to operate international. With that in mind Aquila Management has co founded, the first unique global B2B social network and market place, available in multiple leading languages. With this solution we bring entrepreneurs together wherever they are.

At Aquila Management we strongly believe in the advantages our clients can benefit from, by using the latest success proven innovative IT solutions.
We offer you independently premium IT solutions and services from our rich portfolio suitable for all sized enterprises, serving our clients in the benelux and also internationally via our trusted partners, supported by solid case studies.