Alfresco is offered via Aquila’s premium partner Open Solutions an ISO 9001 certified Company

Alfresco is an enterprise content platform, that helps you storing and sharing the documents that every business depends on. Because was built thinking about mobility, you can work anywhere, with anyone, on any device: Alfresco makes sure you have your content wherever you are!
This is a big differentiator compared to other way more expensive market leading document management system’s.

If you always worked alone, you won’t need Alfresco. But the truth is that people are always working together. Files lost or not accessible? Endless searches for attachments on e-mails? Not knowing which version of the document has the latest changes?

Choosing technology that allows you to manage your company’s information in digital format allows you to improve processes, increase productivity and reduce the risks of information loss.

Alfresco is a tool for teamwork:
  • Workflows (including e-mail notifications) allow track versions of documents, approving changes, initiate discussions and share calendars of activities
  • Employees can only access a site domain if they were invited by the administrator – this defines various levels of access to documents and tasks
  • Wikis make people learn from each other

Go paperless!
Digitize, categorize, tag and archive important digital assets finding them easily back

Alfresco’s design is incredible!
Its user interface is so simple and intuitive that the user quickly adheres to its use enthusiastically.

Alfresco is open source and with its extra features compared with the market leading document management system’s it can be considered a extremely affordable and innovative solution.
Your documents are your business!