Advocate is offered via Aquila’s premium partner Open Solutions an ISO 9001 certified Company

Advocate is a workflow management system that was created for law firms.
Advocate is for lawyers who want to manage their clients, client cases and internal processes from everywhere in the world.

Law firm management can easily access real time reports which give insight in:
  • Effort and status per client case, how many lawyers worked on a particular case
  • Hours worked per client or client case, with financial results combined (turnover vs costs)
  • Productivity per lawyer
  • Financial results per case (automatically updated)
  • Allowance or budget approval process (workflow) via e-mail notifications
  • Complete real time overview of the financial status, cash flows
  • Top ranked clients on invoicing balance
  • Real time notification on client deliveries, deadlines
Client base approach via Advocate, examples:
  • Real time insight for every employee in history of a client or client case
  • Clear overview of what is completed and what is still to be done
  • Easy to associate relations between clients and common processes.
  • All interactions with your client are visible including the latest
Organising your workforce at your law firm:
  • Organising the distribution of files within your company
  • Create workflow (Tasks) with scheduled and shared actions with timer incorporated to have tasks executed in time by each employee in the process, this works with e-mail notifications and reminders when deadline is due.
  • Having open calendar overview of your complete workforce enabling to effectively schedule meetings, calls
  • Case distribution to your employees depending on their domain of experience and monitoring the status without having to consult each individual employee for the status frequently
  • User management, managing access level to cases
  • Submitting a case to invoicing department
Advocate is also a document management system, which will reduce the use of paper partly in a law firm environment, at the end it ail simplify processes and your life.
With Advocate you are always working with the latest version of documents due to its version management functionality.


Advocate was designed in cooperation with law firms to come to the best tuned workflow management software for the law firms industry.
However it is always possible to customise Advocate to a specific or additional own process.