Aquila’s Outsourcing / Near shoring offerings

Apart from the cost attractive project approach for development nearshore, there are also other more permanent (long term contract) options possible.

  • Lease a dedicated development team; we provide a professional development team in the Ukraine and the client can manage his team either onsite or offsite. This service also includes development environment, issue management system, product design, implementation, testing, weekly project status reporting and full customer’s access to all project artifacts.
  • Establishing testing center; which includes the test team, equipped testing infrastructure, issue management system, quality assessment and improvement recommendations, on-line consulting, automatic tests support.
  • Establishing your own permanent development / testing department in our environment, including team formation, HR activities, workplaces, office management, technical infrastructure, and environment.
  • Ad-hoc requests, specific tasks executed by Aquila Management Nearshore; these short- time tasks need either special skills, or additional help. (they are charged per hourly rate).