Aquila Management Holding B.V. is operating as a partnering and value added reseller company founded in late 2012. It is shareholder in two international start-ups, and is the first and unique b2b social network and marketplace for projects and tendering operating globally.
VertusCloud is a company established in Poland which provides innovative cloud solutions worldwide with Agresso ERP solutions integrated with the most common business applications. Agresso customisations and integration with for instance Box for business solutions is one of its innovative added value propositions.

Aquila Management Consulting is a subsidiary and it provides consulting services on a large scale to conform to modern business needs. From interim, change, project and program management to consultancy on system integration, enterprise social networks, cloud consultancy, functional Agresso consultancy and SQL db expertise.

Aquila Management was the first company to start off under this brand in 2011 with its focus area to provide industrial High Tech LED lighting solutions to companies and real estate branch. Also Security, CCTV solutions are part of its propositions. It provided project management in large real estate projects and contracted international contractors for multiple projects. Meanwhile Aquila Management started to develop the IT component of its portfolio at a stronger pace. Aquila Management was at the cradle of the other Aquila Management companies, creating a Holding structure for strategic partnerships in innovative IT, Cloud services and the Consulting branch.
Currently the first Aquila Management company is mainly focussed in IT operations but still has a strong offer and demand in the High Tech industrial LED solutions.

One thing all the Aquila Management companies have in common, the drive and ambition to operate internationally and provide its business clients with best affordable innovative and high tech solutions currently available in the market.