Aquila Co-founded b2b social network

Hook biz is the first global procurement and social business network for tenders, leads, advertising available in multiple leading languages. Hook biz is the Linkedin for Tenders, a B2B social business community, where every business should be present! Hook biz was founded on the principles of H2H interaction, for a more humanized business world.

Hook biz is going to change the way of doing business, offering a free trusted B2B network based on collaboration which will stimulate global trade, competition and innovation to all continents of the world. Giving SME’s the advantage of globalization which up till now was a privilege for multinationals only.

Hook biz is a trusted business epicenter with company verification, genuine tenders and a tremendous full featured social network to achieve an efficient and trustable interactive trade platform for SMEs and large companies. Hook biz combines a market place for projects and tenders with the strengths of a full functional social network to enable key influencers and decision makers to find the right business deals and to easily expand contacts by networking with other decision makers.

Hookbiz facilitates the procurement process for products and services, thus saving costs. For suppliers hook biz is saving costs on sales force, marketing campaigns, advertisements and… time. Purchasers have access to the best customized quotes. There is a direct interpersonal interaction between purchaser and vendor.

We believe in a free world with access for every company to easily create business – hook biz is a B2B social network with H2H interaction as its most important foundation. “where business is about people”

Hook biz believes that combining social network to a marketplace invigorates the human to human interpersonal relations between influencers and decision makers, it’s a tremendous asset for leveraging the process of closing business deals. Hook biz is an advertising channel, business events organizer with CRM and workflow features. Dedicated for businesses and tailored to procurement processes for every size of business, optionally it can be integrated with an enterprise procurement or CRM system. Hook biz can be used as B2B web shop for suppliers with the strength of the strong interpersonal H2H social network features. On top hook biz boasts analytic services to clients on their advertising success rates reported with marketing indicators.
All businesses can use hook biz to trade for free, no commissions, no charges to trade.
This aligns with our noble pursuit and company philosophy that all entrepreneurs in the world have to be able to access this outstanding open business platform enabling them to grow and internationalize their business for free.

Finding lucrative business deals by contacting the people you need through the people you already trust

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