Unit4Agresso ERP is offered as a SaaS or on-premise solution

Aquila’s Unit4Agresso is one of the most secure, and versatile options for dynamic businesses to guarantee the benefits of cloud computing. The solution offers a subscription-based deployment of the Agresso Business World line of ERP software. On premise implementation is also possible.
However for fast deployment of a customized test or acceptance environment Cloud is definitely the better cost efficient option.

The new Aquila Unit4Agresso Cloud solution provides rapidly deployed, turnkey solutions across several industry sectors.
With our business experience we have many templates to map your business to and thereby speeding up the deployment cycles by months.
Aquila’s Unit4Agresso Cloud is safe and ultimately designed for rapid changing businesses, also mobile apps are optional interact with Agresso. We co-operate with first of class cloud supplier Rackspace ensuring you the safest storage for your valuable business data.

Some customer certainties we guarantee via our cloud solution:
• No lost business-data;
• Agresso cloud connector and identity manager for safe cloud access
• Full knowledge of where the business data resides;
• Elastically scalable concept no restrictions on hardware and location of the hardware;
• Future proof, no high costs on future upgrades or functional requirements changes. This counts for migration towards the cloud or on own premises.
• Top Tier 1 cloud suppliers are used for our services, Aquila is always end responsible and offers you the single point of contact support you need if something happens.
• By client request we can also operate with client preferred Cloud suppliers.

Aquila Unit4Agresso allows business users to modify their own systems, easily and rapidly after the first implementation, without re-programming or IT involvement. As a result, instead of being tied or locked-in to an information system that is costly to change, your staff are enabled to embrace business changes, which isn’t costly or doesn’t cause a lot of hassle like with a rigid enterprise software.

Aquila Unit4Agresso Cloud offers clients an excellent combination of advantages namely the agility of Agresso BW software combined with only the benefits of cloud:

  • Preserve business requirement change agility after implementation of ABW.
  • No unnecessary hardware/technology costs, minimal in house IT infrastructure support needed
  • Having the latest technology options at your service
  • Rapid and easy deployment of your ERP system, quickly integrated.
  • Choose from one of our single-tenant cloud options (with no data mingling) or a shared service option for those that need to share business data with industry partners/associates
  • Optimize your IT strategy with our– on-premise (non Cloud), off-premise or hybrid concept.
  • Post deployment approach becomes easier, whenever you need to and without costly migrations or redeployment cost.

Why Aquila Management Unit4Agresso solutions?
Via our co-owned partner Vertus Cloud we have more than 14 years of extensive experience in working with Unit4 Agresso software. We know Agresso Business World has embraced new technologies throughout the year to deliver our clients real added value. The cloud offers our clients even more advantages on on-demand deployment options of the latest generation. The Agresso Business World solution is unique our leading position on latest ERP technology makes us successful for all types of organizations.

Whether you choose Unit4Agresso Cloud or Unit4Agresso on-premise or a combination of deployment models, you can rely on Aquila Management and its partner Vertus Cloud to offer you the best possible flexibility and choice of approach, to deliver the applications you need in the most appropriate manner to suit your organization’s needs and plans – both now and as it and in the future.