Aquila’s Full Scope Cloud Consultancy

Aquila Management can help your business to migrate systems to the cloud in the most seamless way.
We have the understanding of all types of cloud solutions and different suppliers in the market to supply you with the best tailored advice for your particular solution.

Aquila Management can develop a cloud consumption strategy.
The following areas we can advice your organisation on:

We can optimize your cloud deployment to stay ahead of the demand curve.
Without a proactive cloud consumption strategy, over-provisioning, and under-utilization will tend to consume any cost-related benefits of Cloud.
The cloud infrastructure creates new opportunities to align IT capacity planning, capacity management, and cost visibility.
Planning, managing, and accounting for cloud infrastructure requires IT to develop new processes and skills as service providers.
Quantifying the criticality and value of specific users’ needs is essential for building IT’s capabilities as a service provider.
IT processes and people need to become more responsive to keep up with the elasticity of the cloud infrastructure.
Cloud and security, data storage and international legislation.
Advantages for your particular case; using public, private or virtual private cloud.